Turnkey logistics and supply chain services.

Using the Ammos Shipping Freight Booking and Management System you can Book Air, Sea and Road Shipments and source, manufacture and freight any product delivered to your door.

Freight and Logistics

Local knowledge in every country ensures Ammos Shipping complete door to door coverage with International Customs Compliance for both simple and complex Air, Sea, Road and Project Cargo projects spanning 6,500+ partner offices worldwide.

Supplier Management

A member of Buying Project Network, Ammos Shipping has a reach of 20+ countries for quality controlled manufacturers and suppliers. Order supplier background checks, contract facilitation, sourcing, purchase order management from any supplier worldwide.

Quality and Compliance

On-site product testing ensuring local compliance standards and design specifications are adhered to, ensures you can mitigate risk and product defects and provides trust and assurance when delivering large procurement projects from foreign manufacturers.

Transparency and Accountability

Real-time production and shipping updates provide total transparency across all your procurement and logistics projects, categorized as status modes you can easily see what stage in the supply chain your projects are at any time from any device.